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    Checkatrade Trophy 2018/19 Thread

    Paying to watch the game is indicative of having an interest in the game. Do you not think Harvey would use the ifollow figures and cash generated to help justify this shite?
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    Checkatrade Trophy 2018/19 Thread

    Sticking to your guns and not going to the game is a pointless gesture when you watch the game on pay per view. :ffs:
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    Crewe v Vale

    Really? you want to get out more fella! Of course if you actually watched the game, you could have saved yourself all that disbelief. The ref didn't restart the game with a drop ball..... hence (rightly or wrongly) he gave the free kick. But of course that doesn't fit with your agenda of nasty...
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    Crewe v Vale

    Why would we give you the ball back from a free kick? Prob a fair result
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    Crewe v Vale

    Thought you had a new keeper this year?
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    League 2 General Chat/Match Thread

    Various steps........ do you mean things like not employing Hasselbaink?
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    Crewe Alex Sex Abuse Scandal Make of that what you will.
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    Crewe Alex Sex Abuse Scandal

    I have a problem with the suggestion that everyone knew pre 1994. We didn't, I was part of the SoE around 90/91 and there was no rumours about Bennell. Being part of that set up I was taunted by school mates about Dario, similar to how some Vale fans continue to taunt us now. But it was given...
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    Crewe Alex Sex Abuse Scandal

    There was a senior copper on the news last night suggesting it was highly plausible the club didn't know about it. As this is how people like this operate, having control over the victims so it was never spoken about. I played for the school of excellence at the time Bennell was coach and was...
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    League Two Dress Rehearsal - Crewe vs Colchester

    Weird game, felt more like a training match played by two utterly shite teams. Davis was widely derided for taking off Bakayoko in the 2nd half. But think he did it to keep Kirk and Ainley on the pitch whilst giving Haber some support up front. Haber was terrible, but not sure he deserved the...
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    What's your worst away day tale and why?

    Last season I drove to MK Dons, one junction north of MK I picked up two flat tyres. Spent the afternoon in a Northampton layby listening to the over excited commentators on MK radio as they dicked us 6-1. Drove 100 miles - spent 4 hours in a layby - lost 6-1 - spent £300 on new tyres - then...
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    Crewe Alex v Chesterfield

    Dear god, please don't be a repeat of that shower.
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    Stickied League One Away Support Thread 19/20

    You'll still give Vale three sides of the ground though... right?
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    Coventry vs Crewe

    Not sure I get that argument. The alex are playing why would you not want to be there? You don't support us because we're good! I'll be heading down and will be full of optimism until about 19:50.
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    Things you are unlikely to hear next season

    "I think we've already had too many headlines about England hosting the 2022 world cup following accusations at FIFA" - Any sports editor.
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    Retained/Release Lists

    I agree with Baker on this one. Midfield has been shite for 2 years. Can't retain possession or protect the back 4. Another piss poor permanent signing.
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    Welcome Wigan & Millwall (and Blackpool)

    Thats an image in the bank.
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    Peterborough United v Crewe Alex

    Missing the next two games so expect 6 points and safety this time next week.
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    League One Relegation Thread

    Not sure thats true.