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    National league relegation watch

    Not taken much notice since relegation to dog and duck league,absolutely shocked to see Aldershot near bottom thought they would be around play offs like normal,what’s happened? But conference south is a lot easier than north,look at Braintree for example. Only looked to see who would be making...
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    Four years ago

    how things can soon change,Hartlepool and York could both be in conference north next season.Dagenham also got problems. One bad manager can ruin a club. Also think Orient were in play off final for championship football.
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    Good luck Orient

    hoping everything turns out ok. Proper club and fans no club needs owners like that.
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    Wage budget

    York chairman told fans at a meeting tonight that they have a top 3 budget this season, Find this absolutely staggering especially how crap they are.
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    Saturday 8th October

    after the embarrassment of Guiseley,McNamara is given another game to turn it round or sacked,could only happen here, Well come on Braintree put us out of our misery
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    El crapico

    first meeting of season of a Yorkshire Derby,it's been renamed to El Crapico due to McNamara managerial skills and Guiseley poor form. Sold 600 tickets,must be mad,I bought mine 3 weeks ago thinking we'd sell out early can't even give it away?
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    Maidstone v York

    we kick league off Saturday,hoping for a good season for all,(maybe not all, cause 1 has pissed league already). I'm going for 1-1 draw and got bar booked Saturday in Ayia Napa with lads.
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    Predictions for top 6

    not sure who will or should be competing for top,expect FGR to compete due to chairman money but not sure about rest