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  1. Leon_Cba

    Singings in stadiums.

    As you already know in Argentina, fans are very important. So much so that teams that do not have sporting achievements are considered great by the amount of fans, songs and color they put in the stands every game. That is to say in Argentina the result does not matter, if the party in the...
  2. Leon_Cba

    Argentina Football

    Hello friends. I want to tell you about the format of the Argentine league. 28 teams participate. There are 27 days of dispute, a single round. The first one comes out champion. From position 1 to 5 enter the Copa Libertadores de America (It would be equal to the European Cup of Champions)...
  3. Leon_Cba

    Hi I am Argentine

    Hello people. Carlos I am present , I have 30 years . I live in Argentina and I am a fan of Talleres de Cordoba . Club that is currently in the first division, is the most popular of the city of Cordoba . And it is one of the seven team with the most fans in Argentina . Workshops fans are very...