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    LIKE TO VOTE Association Football, soccer, footer, Fußball, kickballatgoal - call it what you will, it appears that this sport is here to stay. Invented in China but first popularised in the United Kingdom, soccer is now played in over 23 countries worldwide!! For most of the 19th Century...
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    Australian Rules Football vs American Football LIKE TO VOTE. Second semi final to follow later.
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    Am I just being dense or am I no longer able to update my sig? All I want to do is remove the image from it.
  4. lordofthepies

    Football World Cup GROUP B

    Same as before. 1 vote please.
  5. lordofthepies

    Football World Cup

    Hi everyone, lordofthepies here. This is a thread to determine, once and for all, which is the best football. To start with, there will be a group stage. This will have two groups of three, and the top two from each group will progress to the semi-final, which will then be played as a straight...
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    Hi everyone, lordofthepies here. I need to compile a 1FF pets list - please tell me what pets you already have and if you would like a pet. I have no pet but would like a kitten, tiger cub or a whole load of lizards.
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    RIP Stuart Baggs

    Tragic news that my favourite person from the Apprentice, Stuart 'The Brand' Baggs, has died at the tender age of 27. RIP.
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    hello hello

    Hi guyz, How lovely to have a new TFF. For those who don't know, I was Rastamandem on the old site. Peace out x