Bundesliga Betting Tips Return as Football Recommences


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The German Bundesliga sometimes referred to as die Fubball-Bundesliga is the elite league of professional football in Germany, boasting some of the highest quality professional football men's sides and some of the largest transfer fees & contract terms for players worldwide.

Comprised of 18 teams, in the 19/20 league the generally accepted frontrunners for the league title are Bayern Munich & Borussia Dortmund – with – as May 26th 2020 – Bayern being the clear favourites. Odds as short as 1/6 are now priced for Bayern to lift the trophy now that league games have resumed in Germany – albeit with strict restrictions including no fans at games with all of them being played behind closed doors for the foreseeable future.

Leading betting firms in the UK and indeed around Europe will be breathing a deep sigh of relief after it was confirmed that football would be recommending on Saturday 16th May. Financially, the COVID-19 global pandemic has caused chaos in terms of financing for football clubs both large and small; and similarly, many bookies – especially those who would be considered smaller bookmakers – have been feeling the pinch after the inevitable economic downturn.

Furthermore, in addition to football and sports betting slowly transitioning back to “normal”; matched betting firms and so called “footy tipsters” have resumed their services which they offer to their readers typically free of charge or for a small monthly fee. With the German Bundesliga leading the way to the other elite leagues around Europe, tipsters have flocked to provide Bundesliga tips.

Whilst we perhaps still have a long way to go until we willing be reading about football betting tips for other leagues, this is seen as progress in both footballing and betting circles. What's more, with the Premier League poised to restart at some point in June, we may just see a return to the “old normal” in the coming months; and you can be confident football tips will be readily available before a ball is even kicked. Welcome back, football.


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