Germany v Poland, 16th June, 8pm


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So, everyone else had this game pegged as the first 0-0 of the tournament right? Poland should have won that with the chances they(Milik) had.

Germany were unconvincing against a piss poor Ukraine side(see their result against Northern Ireland) and were even worse today. They'll no doubt step it up come the knockouts though. Thing with this Germany team is, you seem to get at least 2-3 great chances. Saw that in Brazil 2 years ago, saw it against both Ukraine and Poland in the Euros. But nobody has punished them yet. If a team managed to get their noses in front against them, I'd be very interested to see them chase a game.


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Is this one of the lowest scoring tournaments at this stage? Nobody has bagged 3 in a match yet have they.

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Must be up there (down there) as a lowest scoring tournament. Been some cracking goals but overall it's been poor.
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Poor game which is a shame because I thought this would be a good one, Germany still not impressed but none of the big teams have impressed me yet. Poland should have won that they had the better chances, how they probably wish the chances fell to Lewandowski instead.

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i am fine with the result. we are always awful at the second game of a tournament. wc results included we only have beaten the Netherlands in 2012 since 1992 and were beaten 3 times.

i dont care ( as many germans do i think) that much about this tournament tbh as theyve won the world cup 2 years ago they are allowed to fuck up at least at one tournament.


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Mutual difficult for both sides to infiltrate the adversary's defense at first half mainly. At second half both came more offensive with Germany a bit superior but the best chances were from Poland with Milik who missed incredible ones. Gotze and Schurrle aren't my favorite option to attack on Germany even more in a game like this. Missed the presence of someone like Schweinsteiger too.

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