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Where'd y'all go?

I only tend to check this place out once every couple of months and I've seen it slowly dying down, but now it's basically a ghost town :sad:

I spent soooo much time on here and on TFF. Like, I'm not even kidding... I must have been about 13/14 when I first signed up to TFF and then basically would have been on here every single day near enough for the next 12 or 13 years. At one point I'd have been a regular on these forums for around about half of my life. I'm an ancient 30 year old now and I look back and it's kinda sad to see the place as it is now. Certain forums with no posts in over a week, other ones with no posts in months... the wrestling section on here, which I used to love and had a very active community... no posts since the summer!

I don't wanna do one of those posts where I just point out how dead everything is though. If anybody remembers me, I used to get told off for being infuriatingly positive about shit, so I'd rather just look back at THE GOOD OLD DAAAAYS.

So who's still around?

I remember so many people on here who I thought were just brilliant. The guys who used to run/play the games. NOTW, obviously, but TFF Wars, Survivor, and all of that shit too. Fuck I got absolutely addicted to this forum at times with some of the games. Running TFF Wars was basically a full time job! I miss it though. Could never even think about doing anything like that again now though... jeeeeez I had so much spare time! Any of my old forum game nerds still about? If you are, know that I miss you and I love you!

And then the LISTS. I used to love those too. Top 100 video games, wrestlers, movies, TV shows, TFF/1FF members (*cough* finished top of this TWICE *cough*). I miss a good list thread.

Talking WWE vs TNA with BIGDAVE. Fucking brilliant. I'd like to think he's out there somewhere now telling everybody how much better AEW is than WWE. Oh my god and that time I watched, and rated, every single Wrestlemania! Fuck that was a beast. And here I am now having been to the last 5 in person with a 6th lined up! I don't follow WWE like I used to, but I still love going to that every year.

My old video game section nerds. How I love you all. Mr Drippy army for liiiife.

The oooooold days when Plymouth were in the Championship. Little thing with Rammy (James_DCFC tho) of Derby and tommy_c of Bristol City. I can't even remember what that was. I just remember we used to take the piss out of each other. Rammy approves.

I know that the place is probably beyond saving, and even if it came back full time I guess I'd never come on here anywhere near as much as I used to. I just randomly remembered about this place this morning and fancied coming in to ramble and remember some good times.

And if I were to never come on here again (and who knows, I may not!), please let my final thing ever posted on here be...

LordHatterDave for execution.


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It's a shame. I've just logged in for the first time in months and can see the inevitable has happened, it barely justifies being called a ghost town.

This forum had so much potential following TFF ending. Then slowly it was fucked with shite OTT adverts (still here) and dishonesty. People slowly realised there were better places to discuss the beautiful game.

In short it's turned into a shit forum that's no longer worth the bother.

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To be fair, it is mainly the PL forum that is Tumbleweed Central, the others are still pretty active, especially the Non League section.


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Can't believe we moved over to here 5 years ago now. This place was great for the first year, I miss Sheep and Aberstone LGQ in the Box most evenings.
Back when the Shoutbox would have 50+ people in it most evenings. Seem to recall a particularly late night session with Craig, Murphy and a couple of others which was so funny, possibly Stags4Life too when he was around because I'm sure he was the one copping so much grief.
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First time I've bothered to venture out of football related stuff for about a year. Used to check this part of the forum and its predecessor regularly, not that I ever majorly contributed much round here, but nowadays what even is there to contribute to.
Partly people move on and there's no-one to replace them - for some reason alien to me, Twitter and Facebook banter groups took over from hiding your identity on a forum - and partly this place has been shockingly ran. Never affected me too much, I mostly stick to the football, but venturing into this part of the forum for the first time in ages it's sad to see.

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