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3-0 and that will do it.

Congratulations to Northampton and their fans on here. About as good a couple of performances as you can get they’ve strung together.

Imp in Branston

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Its a bit of a piss take for Keith Curle to previously mock the likes of us playing longball under the Cowleys the first couple of seasons, watching how direct the Cobblers are. However at least we won’t have to put up with the total wealth of footballing knowledge that is Devon_Lad.

Congrats Cobblers though.

Boletus Edulis

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Local station thinks their player should have not been sent off eh?

That is a surprise ..

BBC Northampton probably say it was the worse tackle ever etc.

Wonder if loads of Northampton fans will be out on the streets celebrating!
They now appear to be complaining that the Cobblers were not following social distancing guidelines when celebrating the third. Tinpot commentary.

That Fat Centre Half

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Oooft feel for Exeter a little but this has been a right shocker from them. Northampton have just absolutely monstered them and they have had no answer.

Congrats to Northampton was rooting for them because of McCormack, gives us another local game for next season in League 1!


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We played incredibly badly.
Always depressing to lose to teams using lots of loan players but honestly we deserve to get smashed for playing like that.

Good clear out is needed and go again next year.

denzel ecfc

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Congratulations Northampton. Fully deserved, but we were atrocious.
Can see a few moving on after that, just not good enough.

Si Robin

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I didn't watch it, but sounds like they did to Exeter what they did to us last week.

Well done Northampton. Fair play to them for taking their opportunity when it looked nailed on they were going to miss out on the playoffs.


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We played incredibly badly.
Always depressing to lose to teams using lots of loan players but honestly we deserve to get smashed for playing like that.

Good clear out is needed and go again next year.
Outside of Morton and Wharton the entire first XI and the subs were contracted to us... (in fact i forgot Olayinka but he played 15 mins!) ANYWAYS. GET INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Everything that could have gone our way did so. At no point did Exeter force Arnold to make a meaningful save. Yes we are direct, but we made Exeter do the same. They couldnt deal with us the whole game, i thought their manager Taylor summed it up really well.

Gutted I couldnt be there but delighted for the club. I didnt want Curle to get his deal renewed a few months back but i take it all back Keith, Love you! LEAGUE ONE INCOMING!
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Congrats to Northampton.

A very average team, not that it matters after today. I doubt Curle is the bloke to keep you up next season either, but I’m happy he finally got that promotion - shame he couldn’t for us back in 04!
This can't be possible? Have the press association got it wrong over the wires? Devontwat has been telling us all season how brilliant Exeter are? I'm very confused!

Big Bird

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Like watching a re-run of Preston 4-0 Swindon in the 2015 League 1 final. A complete hiding where one team is first to everything, physically dominant and the other side never gets going.

Congrats to Northampton and the ex Swindon players in their ranks.


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Unbelievable. Headed up to Sixfields now with a bag of beers. 2 performances on the to trot where we’ve just battered a team. 4-0 flatters Exeter there, but I do feel a bit for them.

Happy for Keith Curle, first promotion and he is a top bloke. When his football works fuck it works well, which has happened To varying degrees this year lolza


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I think these days Curle will keep a team up whatever league they are in. He knows how to set up a team to grind out ugly wins if need be.


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Exeter really couldn't cope with the pressure from Northampton.

Too deep and weren't winning any headers etc.


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So actually the problem was one of the "home" fans.

I do recall the incident and it was very typical Swindon behaviour, reveal himself and then he's on his toes! As a fanbase OUFC are no angels, but I really can't recall any trouble involving Forest Green, so was surprised by your comment.
He was sat with the home fans and I heard someone, who apparently knew who he was, say that he was actually a Swindon fan who lived in the local area...who presumably went to the game just to antagonise the visiting fans.

Luke Imp

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Got to be up there as one of, if not the, worst performance by a PO Final team?

Northampton's style of play is fun to watch when it works like that, otherwise it's incredibly frustrating (see the first leg). No-one quite that extreme in L1, the closest are Wycombe (and Gillingham on their showing against us).

No fight in Exeter whatsoever.


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Credit has to go to Northampton for making two decent sides look very poor indeed. I have often claimed the U's had had a poor game after some defeat rather than admit the other team did a good job on us. Even the best teams in the world don't turn up sometimes but often times that's only down to the other side doing their homework beforehand.

Well done Cobblers and congrats. The best side in the play offs by a country mile.

Agombar stool

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What a shambles, still trying to get my head around what happened. Embarrassing
Equates a bit to the way you post on here, which is mainly embarrassing. Karma is tremendous at times.

That said, I thought Exeter deserved to go up over the season but that’s not how play-offs work and I suppose Northampton is fairly local if we can get to watch football next season so well done cobblers, although the Curle ‘footballing philosophy’ may be challenged in league 1.

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