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    National League play-offs

    According to the local rag the semi finals will be the weekend of the 25th=26th and the final on Friday 31st July.
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    Match Day National League Fixtures 29/02/20 and 3/3/20

    They have rearranged our game against fylde for Tuesday night so you can add that to the list or we going for another postponement 3rd time lucky this time
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    2019/20 BT Sport live games

    Our game with aldershot on march 1st will be postponed as its 4th round of the fa trophy that weekend
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    The Notts County 'Massiz' (Bantz 'N Debate)

    That game might not be on as its fa trophy 4th round weekend that weekend
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    Match Day National League Fixtures - 07/12/19

    Dover fans on here our game at meadow lane on Jan 18th is definitely a Saturday as they have picked f****t for tv on the Sunday now
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    Stickied Non-League Away Support 2019/20

    112 daggers in a crowd of 3,630 at meadow lane
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    New kits 2019/20

    Here are our kits for the new season
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    He's a rb
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    Pre Season Friendlies Thread 19/20

    You more than likely beat us as we are sending the kids to play you and the first team are at alferton on the friday night
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    National League 2019/20

    Yes they do on new years day
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    National League 2019/20

    There are 2 notts games could be changing as that team across the trent are at home on the 17th August v Birmingham and then 18th January v Luton and we have Wrexham and Dover on them dates
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    Failed v Clownty (Mansfield v Notts) "Play down" thread

    Even if Notts employed pep and bought half of is city team we still wouldn't beat Mansfield
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    Notts v Crewe

    Go to Stockport and change there to get to Nottingham and back on the train
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    Pre season friendly thread

    Just won 17-0 against rolls Royce leisure and even hemmings and Dennis didn't even play today