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    Match Day National League fixtures - 30/11/19

    What happens if Barra go up? How do they plan to get their ground up to scratch, safely assuming it isn't fit for the #EFL92 right now? Or are they banking on those pen pushers at the FA being like the rest of 'em and not bothering to go all that way to assess Holker Street?
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    Match Day National League Fixtures - 02/11/19

    It feels nice to be the game of the day. Most weeks we aren't even the game of the day in Halifax. Say a seagull starts mauling a dead magpie, and a large enough crowd of kids forms around them, all throwing copper coins.
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    National League Fixtures - 26/10/19

    Hooray. Now it's YEOVIL'S turn to be top of the league before dropping into mortifying relegation form. Enjoy it, you (mostly un-racist) Glovers!
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    National League Fixtures 12/10/19

    What circumstances put a Somerset side into the Isthmian? You've got sides from the western and northern fringes of London in the Southern leagues now. I'm clearly too young to follow this, but would like to say that Yeovil are pretty much the archetypal Conference side to me (as an medium-sized...
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    2019/20 FA Cup

    Hope things keep progressing steadily yr end then. I'd make a reference to the #FootballFamily, but the DNA test's come back and I'm of korfball lineage. Wukky were excellent against Ramsbottom the other week, but at the same time the Rammy defence were as bad as any I've seen. You could just...
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    2019/20 FA Cup

    Was moved to make the ol' "Nope, it was the fourth trip to Barra that knocked it on the head" jape, but I'm a fan of the underdog. Either Wukky vs. Runcorn Linnets or your game vs. Solihoof to look forrad to this weekend. Which do you recommend? Hit me up if you fancy breaking bread at Holker St.
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    2019/20 FA Cup

    The joy in it is seeing these unknown sides taking on Plymouth Argyle or Crewe, and it's only right that the draw is regionalised at this stage. Defo too many southern leagues around though. Couldn't point to most of those on a map, even after many years watching non-league football, although...
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    2019/20 FA Cup

    Harrogant to beat us, to get a bye into the 2nd Round, and then Leeds United to be demoted to the 2nd Round on account of being awful, only to be drawn at home to Harrogant. You heard it here first.
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    National League Fixtures 08/10/19

    Good luck Provisional Brother Chesterfield, who must stave off The Evil to drastically improve the picture at the bottom, and may Provisional Brother Barrow knacker out Morning Wood before we have a chance to lay our hands on them. Nightmare on the road going to Barra and the Shay within a week...
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    National League Fixtures - 28/09/19

    I see no mistake. Flyde are just a bit crap. :bg:
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    National League Fixtures - 28/09/19

    What the twat, Wrexham?
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Gee willikers, how much money have they got at Morpeth?
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    National League Fixtures - 28/09/19

    What a champ he is. Someone on our forum is rumouring that he has a condition to do with his energy levels, hence only being in the XI around two-thirds of the time. He hasn't got a powerful shot on him, but his all-round game? Crikey he's good at this level. Watching the Dover defender...
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    National League Fixtures - 24/09/19

    We obviously put up with a lot of hi-jinks from you, but honestly please uninstall that tweet generator programme you have for the demented orange fascist, it’s somehow made you even less funny.