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    I was amused to see that the primary school children of Wigan chose Athletic’s new mascot: Crusty the Pie. I don’t get to away games so I do not know the mascots in this league. For those who do go to away games who has the best/funniest mascot? Obviously, you cannot vote for your own. And...
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    Your club in a book?

    I recently read Tom Gregory ‘s A Boy In the Water, which is the true story of how he became the youngest person ever at eleven to swim the channel. I read it because I had been in the same club over a decade earlier, so many of the people and much of his experience was familiar to me. At a...
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    Open Training Session

    Tomorrow morning we have an open training session where fans can watch the session, speak to the manager and coaches and get selfies and autographs. This sounds like a good PR exercise, but I am not aware of us doing it before. Have other teams done something similar, and if so how successful...
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    Does who a ref supports matter?

    I know that refs have to declare who they support so that they cannot officiate them, which makes sense. But what about if they ref their teams’ main rivals? Today we had Brett Huxtable, who in fairness had the best game I have seen him have, but the strong rumour is that he is an Exeter City...
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    Goalkeeping curse

    Last year I lost count how many goalies we had, was it seven or eight? Anyway brought in Harry Burgoyne on season long loan to be our number one. And he has today broken his ankle on tour in Holland. Letheren is a decent backup, but not one you’d want to be the main man. Cooper is probably...
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    Owner of the year

    We have had the team of the year, and there will be a manager of the year which I suspect rightly Paul Hurst will win. but who is the owner of the year? This need not be about throwing money at the club. I make a case for James Brent. I am not necessarily a massive supporter of his and he...
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    Ainsworth off?

    Our local rag is saying a championship team (Barnsley) have been refused permission to speak to Ainsworth. Wycombe fans is this true, if so is this merely the first step in a dance where you get compensation or is the idea dead and buried from the start?
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    Argo v Rovers

    It is a sunny, cloudy, windy, dry, rainy, blooming cold, four seasons in a day down here in the tropical south. Looking forward to this, game two of playing the top three. Will be a challenge, not sure we have come out of January as strong as we came into it, primarily in midfield and our...
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    Argo v Dale

    Only my second game of the year, so looking forward to this. We may be turning things around a bit, and Carey is coming back into form. We are, however, on our fifth goalie of the season, is this some sort of record? The big problem, as all season, is our ability to score, we are making...
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    Sending off records

    Does anyone know what the record is for successive games that a team has ended up with ten or fewer players? We now have had a red card for three games in a row! What is your record?
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    Best pre-game tucker

    We had a Wimbledon season ticker holder visit us on Friday, and within five minutes of arriving his son and one of mine were sent out with crisp twenties to get a load of pasties. This got us thinking about which place has the best food around, not in, the ground? He said that he heard...
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    When did pre-season training start?

    Our players were due back this Wednesday, which is why we had a flurry of signings this week. Apparently we have some traillists next week but most of our contract activity seems to be coming to a halt. I'd guess we might get in one or two triallists, and then see what loanees we need/are on...
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    Top three players

    On the play-off thread Kenneth suggested that a Luton player was one of the best three players in the league. This got me thinking, so who do we think are the three best players this year? I'd suggest Enda Stevens, John Marquis and Graham Carey. And it is no coincidence that their teams were...
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    Paul Cook joins Wigan *Updated*

    I note BBC are suggesting Cook is interested in taking over at Wigan. I know he is an ex-player, but I wonder if he thinks Eisner is not going to happen or if the takeover does he won't be wanted?
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    Argyle v Exiles

    What I thought would be a nothing game, has turned out to be very interesting. A draw suits us, so I would not be at all surprised if Adams sets us up like an away game, letting Newport have ball and go for the counter. Would Newport be happy with a draw or do you think you have to chase a...
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    Applying the Lexi Thompson rule

    We have just had the bizarre and ridiculous situation of a golfer, Alexi Thompson, being penalised four shots and effectively losing a tournament, because a TV viewer noticed and complained that they misplaced their ball. This situation is plain stupid, but it got me mischiefly thinking which...
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    Battle of the adverts (insurance versus milk) Argo v Stanley

    I'm old enough to remember the milk add, though someone (not me) showed it to my boys who love it. A few weeks ago this did not look a particularly appetising game, but given Accrington's recent form it looks more tasty. We obviously are beginning to look confident again, though the fact some...
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    Are Corbyn and Trump alike?

    Political commentators often try to see trends sweeping the world, uniting countries, such as the north african spring, anti-austerity in Europe and now an anti-liberalism. I think we can see some similarities between Corbyn and Trump, the core one being that they represent quite distinct...
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    Lots of pelagic fish landed versus lots of shrimp (Argyle v Morecambe)

    Think I am seeing Morecambe for the first time tomorrow, and do not know a lot about them. Apparently you have a decent keeper, and obviously seem to be in the middle position where neither promotion nor relegation awaits. Which given the off-the-field travails must be counted as a result...
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    Working airport v they are building houses on ours (Luton v Argo)

    Surprised no one has started this. Big game for both sides. Luton can push on or we can maintain our position. Happy with a draw. Think we have a few injuries that Adams has alluded to as we play seven games in 22 days.