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  1. iesty wfc

    Congratulations Barrow

    Congratulations to all involved at the club, hopefully we arent waiting 42 years to return to the football league! farewell Monkey Tennis and chipmunx , remember to pop in for a brew every now and then ;)
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    so this has finally commenced over the weekend, i watched the Buy In on ITV4 and have seen bits of the Double or Nothing PPV, excited to see where it ends up
  3. iesty wfc

    ITV WOS Wrestling

    dont know if this has been missed or not, but ITV have finally commissioned a 10 part show. the tapings were held last weekend, and the roster they have managed to get signed up is definitely a who's who of British Wrestling: Will Ospreay Davey Boy Smith JR Grado Doug Williams Rampage Brown...
  4. iesty wfc

    Chester next to go?

    Chester having a fans meeting as we speak, announced that they are going to run out of money as soon as next month, players on 2 year deals have to go, looking at any way to cut expenditure Worrying times that 2 clubs in our league are on the verge...
  5. iesty wfc

    Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan RIP

    simply the best manager that has ever graced the wrestling world RIP the Weasel
  6. iesty wfc

    WWE 2K18

    probably should post this in the Games Corner, but have you all seen the roster line up this year? 194 wrestlers in all, with only one or two notable omissions.... this is going to be amazing. some very random legends in it this year...
  7. iesty wfc

    2017/18 non league kits

    havent seen a thread on this seasons kits yet heres our effort displayed by Mackreth, and with the sponsor on in the club shop we havent had an unveiling of the away kit yet, except for this small snippet of a detail on the twitter page
  8. iesty wfc

    paige photo leak

    So paige has been caught out as one of the first people on the new celebrity private photo leaks.... Well she is certainly as freaky as her character! Will be interesting to see what WWE do with her, seeing as she is permanently on the bench at the moment and with the impending wwe film. Also...
  9. iesty wfc

    WWE UK Championship! The special two-night tournament will be held at the Empress Ballroom on January 14 and 15 – it will also be aired on WWE Network. Sixteen British and Irish wrestlers will compete for the...
  10. iesty wfc

    Enjoyed their team Christmas do a bit too much?

    so then, which Barrow player did this happen to??? :conf: seriously though thats pretty fucked up!
  11. iesty wfc

    WWE Wrestlemania 32 (2016 - Sunday 3rd April) - Discussion Thread

    might as well set this up seeing as we are nearly 2 weeks away from it all and deserves its own thread current line up as follows: 1 3rd annual André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 20-man Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy 2 Triple H (c) vs. Roman Reigns Singles match for...
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    Wrexham to get 99 year lease on their ground

    Landmark decision was announced yesterday that, subject to a vote at a supporter trust meeting, the club will be taking back ownership of the Racecourse ground and will lease it back off the current owners, Glyndwr university after announcing a profit for the first time since becoming supporter...
  13. iesty wfc

    bret hart

    Has prostate cancer. Better not be another one to add to the lust so far this year to the dreaded big c!
  14. iesty wfc

    sunny signs for vivid

    She has finally gone and done it hasn't she
  15. iesty wfc

    wrestle kingdom 10

    Deserves it's own thread Haven't had a chance to watch the last few matches yet but the matches I have seen were all great so far For those who have never watched Japanese wrestling before you need to catch it The 4 way tag match at the beginning of the show is my highlight so far. Not a...
  16. iesty wfc

    PES 2016

    Anyone played the demo? I was actually quite surprised by it once I got over the different controls to FIFA. Don't think I will stray from FIFA but there is a serious contender now
  17. iesty wfc

    wwe 2K16

    Was going to post in computer games but I guess everyone who would be interested in this game would also visit here regularly 2k games just posted this on Instagram, confirming that there are going to be 120 playable characters in the game (and they don't mean 10 John cenas either)...
  18. iesty wfc

    Football Manager - Android

    has anyone played Football manager on Android/iOS? is it any good? my laptop cant handle the new game so fancied buying it. I have got CM15 but I cant get into it