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  1. Ale18

    Colchester United FC

    What about Colchester United? I saw this team in first round of Carabao Cup, a very good 3-0 win against Swindon Town. I think is a good team but i don't know if is strong enough to reach playoff. What do you think about?
  2. Ale18

    The Bees Thread

    What about Brentford FC 19/20? This team is finally ready to promotion? The Bees have lost two great player, Mepham and Maupay but It bought some very good players as well as Raya, Jansson, Pinnock, Jensen and young interesting players such as Mbeumo and Valencia. In my opinion, in the last...
  3. Ale18

    Brentford 18/19

    Will they reach the playoff and what about the team? another new player has signed up.. SAÏD BENRAHMA
  4. Ale18

    Chris Coleman

    Why this coach has choose Sunderland? And now what will he doing? After to reach the semifinals in the UEFA EURO 2016 with Wales, he could not choose a better team?
  5. Ale18

    Football Heritage

    Mourinho said: This is Football Heritage. One of the best press conference i've ever heard What do you think?
  6. Ale18

    Conte up or down?

    Antonio Conte could be sacked at the end of the season. For what he did in this year and half according to your opinion what should make Roman Abramovich?