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    Champions League 2016/17

    A big shame Juventus didn't win, clearly they weren't playing at their best, but I managed to win tickets and the chance to go pitchside pre- and post-match to take photos which made an exciting day even better.
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    Creepy Moose (Crawley vs Cambridge)

    You never know - this may be the match where everything falls into place. Wouldn't bet on it though.
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    Match Day Argyle vs Cambridge

    Tell me if I'm wrong and haven't understood stuff (entirely possible) but you don't seem especially keen on Derry going anything soon, yet you predict it to take a third of the season for us to get out of the bottom two. I thought we were a team aiming for the playoffs and so such a bad first...
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    Match Day Argyle vs Cambridge

    Under Money last season, we had 9 points from 7 games, averaging 1.29 points per game. He got sacked in November with a similar average. After 7 games this season, we have 3 points, averaging 0.43 per game. Derry needs to go now.
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    Sergei's Final Table Predictions 2016/2017

    1. Portsmouth 2. Plymouth 3. Leyton Orient 4. Doncaster 5. Cambridge 6. Carlisle 7. Colchester 8. Luton 9. Accrington 10. Notts county 11. Blackpool 12. Mansfield 13. Exeter 14. Cheltenham 15. Wycombe 16. Barnet 17. Hartlepool 18. Grimsby 19. Crewe 20. Stevenage 21. Yeovil 22. Morecambe 23...
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2019/2020

    I'd be surprised if he chose Williamson over Piggott
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    2016-17 Pre-Season friendlies

    Saudi Arabia's Al Shabab seem to think we are playing them tomorrow.
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    2016-17 Pre-Season friendlies

    We beat KFC Uerdingen 4-2 with Joe Pigott scoring twice in the first half and Luke Berry and George maris scoring in the second half. We're playing SG Wattenscheid who are in a higher league (I think) on Saturday so that should be a bit of a bigger challenge. Is there anyone who made the...
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2019/2020

    Good to have a keeper we can rely on. I presume there's a release clause, I just hope we've got a substantial one in place.
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    2016-17 Pre-Season friendlies

    None announced yet for us (Cambridge). Tonbridge Angels wanted to organise one with us, but we won't play teams lower than the confrence south apparently.
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    Your clubs released/retained list

    Cambridge have released Sam Beasant, Chris Dunn, Ryan Donaldson, Robbie Simpson and some youth players. The club is in talks with Jimmy Spencer about a new contract.
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    No thread for U's V Shrimps?

    Firstly, commiserations to the 46 Morecambe supporters who came. To what extent does everything think it was Morecambe messing up or Cambridge being outstanding?
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    CUFC Play Off contenders' knockout cup final (Cambridge v Carlisle)

    No - you (and we) needed to win and nothing else. One point is useless for a team who wants to be in the playoffs whether you've got 10 men or 11.
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    CUFC Play Off contenders' knockout cup final (Cambridge v Carlisle)

    And Donaldson. The last 9 meetings have been 5 wins and 4 draws to Cambridge (unless I've missed something) - not that it'll count for much on Saturday.
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    Cambridge United v Exeter City

    Call me pessimistic, but how many times have we thought that over the last couple of months only to fall back again?
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    M11 Derby II

    Yes, I was. A very nice day out. Looking at the next few fixtures, it seems like we might/should be able to put a nice little run together.
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    M11 Derby II

    Of course it's just a coincidence (and meant as a bit of a joke). I do try to go whenever I'm free and can afford to.
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    M11 Derby II

    I've been trying to decide if I want to go or not. Maybe if we had signed a couple more people - a winger to go on the other side as Dunk at least - I would. I can't really see us winning with who we have and I don't want to break my not seen Cambridge lose away record. 2-1 to Orient.
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    Safe standing.

    Signed. Have you posted this in the other league forums?
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    Cambridge v The Resurrection of King Bingham

    We really should be winning. Again, the same 11 as Laker, but possibly with Coulson. I really hope I can get back to Cambridge in time tomorrow