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.......oh the misfortune of how a gene puddle came together to create such a fucking clueless moron of a person....... And to add insult to injury gave them a big mouth. smh.


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One of my mates has just told me they are considering renaming the championship. I think it's nonsense and he couldn't show any evidence but I am interested to see if anyone else has heard these rumors?

I think it's nonsense as he is known for spewing out waffle but you never know.

Kenneth E End

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The EFL have succeeded in overturning the not guilty verdict for Birmingham City... but have decided against imposing a sanction apart from a "reprimand".

What an absolute joke.

That Fat Centre Half

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Lol that will do a lot of good! They aren’t serious on actually punishing rules being broken on over spending at all. They should be looking at actually enforcing and strengthening existing rules before looking at ideas like salary caps get thrown around. Will be just another useless rule that clubs in this league and others simply ignore because there is no punishment.

And then you see stuff like that and then them going after clubs like Macclesfield who they seem intent on relegating and it’s tough not to say it’s one rule for one and another for everyone else.

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