NEW EFL tv rights deal 5 years 595 million


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These were our peak viewing figures up until January last season, that Leeds one was the highest in the league until that point, not sure if it remained that way. To compare to a lower prem game, Cardiff v Newcastle this season had an average of 355,000 viewers throughout the game, not a vast difference.
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Peak figures are very different to average, that’s why yours look so high.


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A lot of different answers!

If a "top" Championship game gets 800k and "top" Prem games get 1-1.5m that's not bad going. Obviously this doesn't mean that the same numbers drive subscriptions (which I think is more important than audience figures in terms of value to SKY), but if Everton West Ham is only pulling 900k then the Champ is doing pretty well, especially as it's often competing with Prem football on BT
Exactly this. If Sky no longer had the Championship rights few people would drop their subscriptions, while if they didn’t have the PL rights there would be an exodus.

There’s the balance of audience figures, and how much people are willing to pay to watch those games.

Regardless, on average the PL is getting 3-4 times the number of viewers which does explain a lot of the disparity in the costs.


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Peak figures are very different to average, that’s why yours look so high.
From the couple I can find it's not that huge difference. Example this season Preston v stoke, average 155,000, peak 205,000, also with higher audiences it eems to be about a 25% difference across the board between average and peak


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Is it wise to tie yourself into a 5 year deal with Sky, when things like Ifollow and other streaming services becoming bigger, 5 years is a long time in technology. Can understand the big clubs not being happy with this deal.

As for lge 1 and 2, I'd be happy if it was a separate package, the money lge 2 clubs get is a pittance anyhow and are never on TV. BT show non-league games and highlights every week, whilst I'm sure the money isn't amazing it can't be that much different to want lge 2 get from Sky, and I bet if it was available BT would happily take lge 1 and 2 coverage over non-league.

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