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Metaloglobus equalise with a soft shot on 61 minutes.

Edit: First point on the board. Finished 1 - 1

* this image may be unrelated to the actual result, match or even venue.
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Well guess what. We're still in August and only four league games have been played, and one Div 2 club has already given up and resigned from the league. The reason apparently is the owner doesn't want to put any more money into the club :ffs:

Luceafărul Oradea now have new owners, rescinded their "resignation" after conceeding only one match and they won their home match today against CHINDIA TÂRGOVIŞTE 2 - 1

Hermannstadt play away to Pandurii tomorrow.


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The Sucevs (apparently that's what they like to be called) have revived their Facebook page, so I can update and correct any errrors that may have crept into my interpretation of the live feed on saturday. The new coach is actually Pedro Nuno. Who he is and who "Marius Lup" was on Saturday (other than a name put on the team sheet) I have no idea.

Forgive the Google translation


Foresta scored the first point of the current season of the second league, 1-1, at Areni, against the Metaloglobus club from Bucharest, aligning a whole team formula in which many young players were found. With the new head coach Nuno Pedro in the stands, because he has not yet signed the federal work contract, the team was run from the bench by Khalil Chakroun and Bogdan Tudoreanu. Suspended (Supported?) from the stands of about 1,500 spectators, the Sucevs started the game bravely and opened the scoring through Cerlinca, halfway through the first half with an impressive shot from 16 meters. The forest owners (Foresta side/) have played well, they have made a great deal of effort, but they saw themselves (level?) in the 61st minute as a result of Ghenovich's success.

After the difficult start of the championship, this draw was regarded as a victory by the Suceava fans, who applauded them at the open stage on the footballers at the end of the meeting.

At the post-play press conference, coaches Nuno Pedro and Khalil Chakroun said there was still a lot of work, but the Suceava team would look even better when the international transfer certificate arrives for the nine foreign footballers already preparing in Suceava.

In the match with Metaloglobus, Foresta evolved into the formula (fielded the team?): Began - Onofraş, Diallo, Masella, Păvăluc - Cerlincă, R. Boscanceanu (90 Alexandrovici), Stănescu, R. Sumanariu, Duceac - Coroamă.

They appear to have abandoned the old Cercuri shirts and are going with a new kit that has more than a touch of Naarwich about it.
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Loads of new players signed up and paperwork complete (take note Barnet/Lincoln), so the Foresta faithful are dreaming of their first win as they head towards the bright lights of Bucharest before swinging round the ring road to the village of Clinceni, SW of the capital.

Tomorrows opponents, FC Academica Clinceni, have had a short but eventful history. Formed in 2005 as CS Buftea in the county of Ilfov, after 2 seasons in Liga 3, they achieved promotion but only managed one season in Liga 2 before the Mayor sold their place for 500,000 Euros and they dropped back to Liga 3. They got back to Liga 2 at the end of the 2011/12 season but at the start of the following season "did a Foresta" and fielded a team of kids in a Romanian Cup match against ACS Berceni. They suffered a Romanian record 31 - 0 defeat but still finished 6th in Liga 2. In August 2013, they then moved 50 km SW across Bucharest to Clinceni (still in Ilfov county which surrounds Bucharest) and changed their name. However, after only one season as FC Clinceni, in June 2014, they moved 120km west to Pitești and had a season in Liga 2 as FC Academica Argeș. Only one year later, they moved back and took on their current identity as FC Academica Clinceni.

They will be tough opposition, lying 7 th in the league and their record this season is
P 6 W 3 D 1 L 2 goals for 11 goals against 10.

No expense was spared when they designed their new badge, although it was clearly inspired by one of their old badges. They couldn't squeeze "Academica" in.



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A 2-0 defeat last Saturday was a disappointment but things continue on the up at Suceava. The investors have come up with cash to pay off the club's 110,000 Euro debt to the taxman and are awaiting a decision today on a 1 million lei (218k Euro or £190k) grant from the local mayor.

They can now field a full team of properly registered senior players - all but the keeper Răzvan Began , aged 21 years old, signed from Luceafarul Oradea, being foreign imports.

Defenders are Issaga Diallo (France, 30 years old) signed from Cypriot team Anagennisi, Daniel Pappoe (Ghana, 23), former Chelsea junior, and Moldovans Alexandru Belevschi (22 years old, former Milsami Orhei ) and Pavel Secrier (23 years old from Zimbru Chişinău).

In midfield we have Charles Acolatse (France, 22), Wilhem Renquin (Belgium, 21), Edgar Movsisyan (Armenia, 19) and Dali-Amar Belkacem (France, 19).

An all french attack comprises Allan Kimbaoula , 25, who started the season at Sportul Snagov, and 22-year-old Khalid Chalabi , who made the first steps in football at AS Monaco .

I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the Music Venue but turn up the volume and enjoy



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Opposition visiting the Areni Stadium tomorrow will be CS Mioveni, who are 8th in the table on 11 points. They had an easy 5 - 1 win at home to Science Miroslava last week. They have been around since 2000 and are also known as the Galben-verzii (Yellow and Greens). They merged with local works team Dacia Pitești after only a season and eventually became CS Dacia Mioveni. When the car factory stopped sponsoring them in 2010 they dropped Dacia from the name but they kept the iconic steering wheel in the club crest.

Players to watch out for - Brazilian Roberto Ayza, the Galben Verzii's 36 yr old captain, runs the midfield and is the only non-native Romanian in the side. He's only managed 3 starts so far this season and has been subbed off but got his first goal of the season in Saturday's home win.

Top scorer and ever present, with 8 goals in 7 appearances, is 34 yr old Cosmin Năstăsie.


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Could my day get better?

Best atmosphere and result for a long time at the Abbey (commiserations Cov., that's life) and the Galben Verzii's first win of the season is 2 - 0 over the Galben Verzii.

Goals form Khalid CHALABI (48') and Vlad Ioan STĂNESCU (74') deliver the points. Yes Vlad the Imp :devil: hit the net from 30 metres.
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Next saturday, the Galben Verzii have a difficult trip to Dirk 's favourites AFC Hermannstadt, who have had a great start to the season.

Meanwhile, we can wallow in the afterglow of last saturday's first win of the season and enjoy "manager speak" with a Portuguse/Romanian twist, thanks to Google Translate, with a bit of tweaking, and

Foresta recorded an 8th round surprise, with their first success this season.
Reactions of Nuno Petro and Adrian Mihalcea after the victory of the Suceava with CS Mioveni

Having avoided bankruptcy and had a difficult start to the championship, Foresta are finally showing signs of life. Against the backdrop of an aggressive transfer campaign in recent weeks, Suceava turned up for the first time this season with a competitive team on Saturday in Areni to face CS Mioveni.

Portuguese manager Nuno Pedro achieved a performance that pleased the 2,000 spectators present in the Areni Stadium. Foresta produced the surprise result, winning 2-0 against CS Mioveni.

After a balanced first half, the Suceava team opened the scoring in the 48th minute through Chalabi, with a shot from 14 meters just under the crossbar, following an deep pass from Stănescu, which wrong sided the defence . The final goal was from Vlad Stănescu in the 72th minute, with a real "eurogoal," - A violent shot from 30 meters, flew past Sima in the Mioveni goal. The referee's final whistle gave general joy, and the Foresta team were applauded by the 2,000 spectators in Areni.

So a first victory for Sucevens but the next match will be a very difficult exam, and will played out away at FC Hermannstadt.

Nuno Pedro was pleased with the result.

The secret of the success of the match with CS Mioveni was finally revealed by the head coach Nuno Pedro :-

"From the desire to do too much, in the first half I got nervous on the field. At the break I spoke to the locker room and asked the players to relax. The result was that we treated the second half more quietly. We put the ball down and we have created many opportunities to score. We scored two goals, we missed other opportunities, so our victory is a worthwhile one. The Mioveni came hard at our goal but were only dangerous from set pieces. This victory represents for us the foundation from which we will begin to build. We are not yet totally match fit, but we work every day on this and you will see that we will look better at each match. There are many new players who have joined us along the way. They are not yet used to playing with each other but we are working hard on this and I'm sure the results will come , "

Mihalcea recognizes the superiority of the hosts

In his turn, Adrian Mihalcea, the coach of the CS Mioveni group, said that the victory of Foresta is a deserved one. "The Suceava team was better and imposed itself, no doubt. Surprisingly, we made many mistakes, lost many balls, and our opponents have punished us. I thought the mere act of presence on the field would make us win this game. Football punishes you when you do not treat it professionally and rewards you with respect to the attitude shown on the field. After this game some questions have arisen for me in relation to the development of some players and we will do a thorough analysis to see exactly what the real causes of this failure are. We missed three players at Areni and maybe that's why our performance was so poor.We didn't look anything like promotion candidates." said Adrian Mihalcea.


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I forgot to check out this thread, and Foresta's result, so wasn't expecting this at all. But that's not all, they could've won by a bigger margin going by the match highlights below. What a goal at 2.38mins!

Re. Foresta's home crowds, and from what I could gather, it's always an approximation and never an official figure, and the local journos are probably going a tad ott with their estimations. 2k were at this match? Yeah right!

Anyway, now to get a result at those pesky German sympathisers, who I think are the Romanian League's version of Fleetwood and Morecambe :£


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Best highlights video of the season and the goal from Vlad will live in the memory as long as THE Wayne Hatswell goal.

Any excuse



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................Anyway, now to get a result at those pesky German sympathisers, who I think are the Romanian League's version of Fleetwood and Morecambe :£

Much more complicated and much less on the fringes than Fleetwood and Morecambe. Sibiu may be only slightly closer to Bucharest than Blackpool/Fleetwood are to London but it's the cultural centre of Saxon Transylvania (think nostalgic Germans from the Farage side of politics meet FC St Pauli meet South American corrupt politics......with a bit of romance) with architecture, tradition and financial clout that far excedes anything you'll find in the declining seaside resorts and fishing ports of NW England.

FC Hermannstadt have had a "Womblesque plus" rise through the leagues since their formation in 2015 but it's not been private ego driven money, it's been bent politician ego driven money. There are some big personalities about but the club is owned and funded by the local municipality (politicians) and attracts crowds of 5,000 plus.


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When I went out of the door yesterday morning, Foresta were 2 - 0 down at the start of the second half and I feared the worst. In fact, it finished 2 - 0, taking FC Hermannstadt clear at the top of Liga 2 as rivals Ripensia and ASA Targu Mures both lost.

Coutesy of and some dodgy Google Translate that on this occasion I've resisted improving (Highlights - Hermannstadt had Childbirth in goal!! and the continued translation of Foresta as "Porsche")

Leader detached! AFC Hermannstadt has gone without emotion from Foresta, has won the fifth consecutive victory and has distanced itself from Lead 2. The coaches' reactions to Pelici and Nuno Pedro
AFC Hermannstadt was worried in vain before the match with last-placed Foresta Suceava. The leader won 2-0 on his own ground in the 9th round of League 2, and strengthened his first position after the two remaining Ripensia and ASA Targu Mures lost today. The band prepared by Alexandru Pelici reached the fifth consecutive victory in the current championship, while in Sibiu he has 12 matches accumulated without defeat, the last failure being recorded in League 3 on 11 March 2017, 0-1 with ASA Targu Mures II .

Last Saturday's Mioveni Victoria last Saturday with a score of 2-0, and the last transfers made by Suceava led Hermannstadt to watch more closely the match with the red light of the League 2. It turned out to be a false alarm because the Siberians they secured an easy game from the first minutes and then scrolled in front of the Portuguese Nuno Pedro's squad.

Dālbea gives security in the first few minutes

Captain Răzvan Dâlbea simplified the conduct of the Sibiu match after only 6 minutes of the game. The leader's midfielder scored simply with the goal in the empty goal, after Neagu was in the box and Began did not get to the ball to reject it. The goal gave confidence to Pelici's players, who then continued to attack the Porsche gate, but failed in the first half. Neagu and Lupu (25) waved in the same phase a good opportunity to increase the gap, Began (28) saved again from Lupu, at his 12 meter shot, but Neagu (39) was once again but the same goalkeeper was brave and out of the cross. The last goal of the first part was also consumed by the Sibiu, this time by Bogdan Rusu, but the striker was unable to send the gate after he was ideally served by Neacsa.

Rusu has secured victory as early as the second half

And the second half started just as well for Hermannstadt. Just two minutes after the return to the pitch, Bogdan Rusu (47) appeared at the corner at the center of Pamfile and sent his head to the net. Subsequently, all Siberians were at the end of other phases to mark, but could not do it until the end. Rusu (50) sent to Began's arms, Neacsa (54) took the goal from the goal line of the goal keeper, Neagu (61) sent in the blockade and with some luck the ball would have entered the gate if it did not, would have rejected in the extreme on the line, and the same Neacsa (64) executed a free kick from 30 meters lateral right and Began saved again.

In the end, the Sucevs had two situations to score, both through Cerlinca, but Cobus intervened promptly every time. In the 67th minute he dismissed the shot from 30 meters of the midfield and in the 70th minute saved from the bar to a ball sent from 25 meters and which before the atincin and the earth.

But the last goal was still in front of Hermannstadt. Bogdan Rusu (72) received in the deep, returned to the edge of the big box with two opponents in the back, fired at the long corner, Began parried, the ball crossed the cross and the goalkeeper of Forestea had time to get up and retains to keep the final score just 2-0 for Sibiu.

Sibiu reached five consecutive wins and has five points ahead of second place

With the three points scored today, AFC Hermannstadt makes a total of 24 and is even more distant from the pursuers, because Ripensia and ASA Târgu Mureş lost to Clinceni, respectively Bucharest and remained with 17 points. On the second place Danube Calarasi (19 points) ascended, which reached the sixth consecutive victory, but the points difference to the leader is five points.

In the next stage, the Sibiu play Saturday, September 30, at 11:00 on the field of the Luceafărul Oradea, and Foresta Suceava meets CS Baloteşti.

Răzvan Dâlbea 6 ', Bogdan Rusu 47'

Childbirth - Mih. Stancu, R. Crişan, I. Stoica, Pamfile - Dâlbea (cpt.), Boboc - Al. Neacsa (P. Petrescu 68 '), Bg. Rusu, S. Lupu (Hergheligiu 58 ') - C. Neagu (D. Roman 77')
Unused reserves: H. Moldovan - I. Popa, C. Pîrvulescu, Dumitriu
Coach: Alexandru Pelici

Began - Ad. Onofraş (Coroamă 29 '), Diallo (cpt.), Pappoe (Renquin 58'), Belevschi - Cerlincă, Vl. Stănescu, Acolatse (Prisăcaru 63 '), Kimbaloula - Chalabi, R. Sumanariu
Unused reserves: Ursache - Păvăluc, Dali Amar, Bosînceanu
Coach: Nuno Pedro


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Edit 2: Marius Matei penalty in the 94th minute. Finishes 2 - 2.

Edit: CS Afumaţi 2-1 Foresta Suceava. Răzvan Avram scores in the 69th minute.

Foresta equalise in the first minute of the second half. CS Afumaţi 1-1 Foresta Suceava. Opposition translates as the Smokies. They're quite keen on smoke bombs, as are UTA Arad, who were also in the news this week.

Foresta went out in the first round of the Romanian Cup. In other news, there were 4 arrests for bribing a referee relating to Foresta's match against Sepsi (full name ACS Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe) last season. The bribe was around £3,000 for Foresta to win but the alleged bribers were from Arad, who were looking to get promotion ahead of Sepsi, so no stain on Foresta's honour.
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Quick check on how Foresta are doing before we hit the road - they're 1-0 down to second placed DUNĂREA CĂLĂRAŞI approaching half time but the feed is a bit slow/ I type, second half under way with 2 subs on - Sumanariu is replaced with Coroamă and Stănescu with Renquin.

A relatively quiet week in Suceava - 19 year old Armenian midfielder Edgar Movsisyan joined in August but the paperwork has only just been cleared. However, he doesn't seem to have even made the bench this morning. Main headline in Liga 2 has been that ASA Târgu Mureş have been declared bankrupt and are likely to drop out of the league after the local government (Prefect) pulled the plug on their funding. They were due to play local rivals and league leaders AFC Hermannstadt on Tuesday.
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The goings on in Romanian Liga 2 were getting too arcane for me to post full updates over the last week or so.

Suffice it to say that Foresta have a new coach, Florentin Petre, former Dinamo Bucharest winger with 53 caps for Romania who is just starting to make his way in management/coaching. His Portuguese predecessors have fallen by the wayside because their paperwork was never cleared to work in Romania - they've been working from the stands, with a Romanian pitchside, but have now headed home to Portugal.

In other news, Foresta are now bottom again having lost the point they gained for their 2-2 draw with the Smokies of Afumaţi on 7 October. The opposition have dug up a rule on the numbers of foreign players allowed, including the detail of the exemptions for under 21 players, and the Discipline Committee ruled against Foresta.

On saturday morning, the Galben Verzii play at home fellow strugglers ATU Arad, who hopefully may be showing some fatigue after a 5-2 mid-week defeat in the cup at CS Afumaţi.


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This is turning into a mini-blog rather than a thread. Still, I'll see if I can keep it up for another week or so - we are then off on our travels.

Having lost 3-2 to UTA last weekend, Foresta are underway at Târgu Jiu with hopes of picking up at least a draw. Only 150 spectators in the stadium for Clubul Sportiv Pandurii Lignitul Târgu Jiu, known as the Miners, who have drawn their last 4 home matches. 0-0 after 45 minutes.

Striker Chalabi is in France for treatment of a knee injury and should be out for some time. The Galben Verzii will also be without midfielder Charles Acolatse next week - former U's manager, Claude Le Roy, now in charge of the Togo national team, has called him up to join the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor in a training camp and two friendlies in Mauritius as preparation for African Nations Cup Qualifiers.



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Foresta have moved off the bottom and above local rivals Clubul Sportiv Știința Miroslava with a 1 - 0 win in the Moldovan derby. Mareus Matei scored the only goal for the visitors in the 87th minute. Știința means Science in Romanian.


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