FA Cup 2017/18

Guess we'll have to provide the upset of the round then...
:bg: Personally I'd like to see Leicester break the seal here, it would liven up the game somewhat. I thought Chelsea were severely punished in their CL exit, they actually played better than the result indicated. They look more threatening going forward here..
Big hairy c*ck, game over I say. Leicester wont come back from this, they are now forced to come out and attack which will leave space for Chelsea. In fairness Leicester have had a fair share of possession but done little with it...
Bring it on then, Spurs have to beat Man Utd and Chelsea to win the cup. If we do it I say now stick home advantage up your bottom!:fing:


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A lot of positives for us today, despite the first half performance.

Gabbiadini, Boufal and Hojbjerg all starting is key. All three were for some reason unfavoured by the clown, but other than Austin, I believe them to be our most effective attacking players and hopefully Hughes can now get the best out of them.

Two strikers starting on the pitch for the first time since forever and the players’ first thought was to get the ball forward, rather than turn and pass back. Throwback to the Koeman days.

Finally, going 1-0 up in the last half hour and not bringing Yoshida on for one of the forwards and going defensive like the clown always did was another positive. The right subs and tactics saw us get another goal.

Hopefully with a couple more weeeks to work with the squad Hughes can ensure that the slow start doesn’t happen against West Ham.


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You can't forget though that you were totally outplayed in the first half by a league 1 side with the type of finishing that goes with that. Prem opposition and it'd have been game over at the interval.
I think Boufal, Tadic and one striker is better. Lemina and Hjoberg as your only 2 mids who'll put in a tackle is suicide.


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Boufal, Tadic and one striker hasn’t worked for almost two seasons though. Tadic hasn’t put in a decent performance since I can remember.


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Then maybe drop him and play Boufal centrally. You can't get away with 2 strikers and two attacking mids who do no defensive work and I dont see Hughes upping their defensive duties.


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Get in there.

As a proud Englishman the FA Cup is far more important to me than the CL. Domestic football over European football everyday of the week thank you very much. Brexit means Brexit!


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Kane was anonymous yesterday evening.

Cup goals don't add to the league goals tally, so why bother?


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Difficult to get annoyed now. We’ve had over a year of this.

Bring on the Championship.

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